Saturday, November 28, 2009

About Jaco...

Bit more about Jaco.

So Jaco is truly an interesting person. At times I am very puzzled how he makes it though the day, as he is vibrating in such higher energy and flying in the heights to us only imaginable and the physical plane does not mean much to him. He is surely a white African, bright blue eyes, fluffed up blond hear all over the place, happy smile at all times, and very happy, joyous person. He was born to a privileged white African family proud of their heritage and lots of wrong ideas/assumptions about the black folks. Somehow his best friend turn out to be small black boy from the nearby village and by spending so much time hanging out with this black boy he learned the language of Songoma’s before he even learned African which was truly a shame on his family. Ever since he was a young kid he was incredibly connected with nature and the plants. At early age he decided to run from home to find his own way. He went to a black village and was accepted by the local tribe. The medicine man of the village called “Songoma” took fond of this young boy and was teaching him the magic of plants and ancestors. He spent several months out of the year just traveling with the Songomas learning and experiencing. His thirst for knowledge of the nature quickly outgrew the simplicity of Songomas and he went off to find his own path. He studied hard and became an “herbalist” over 20 years ago. His life if interviewed with very interesting stories which I am collecting every time I speak with him and one day I’ll write a book on his stories and experiences. He used to have quite successful herbal business in Cape Town, but moved due to his kids to Joburg. He finds Joburg quite challenging as he actually have to advertise his business to make money which does not make any sense to his spirited soul. We started to discover the idea of seminars, and if for anything I am inspiring him to do some wonderful seminars on energy healing and herbs. Folks today are more and more turning toward the natural ways of healing rather the spending tons of money for medicine that pushes the symptom down rather than solves the problem, despite the aggressing advertisement of huge pharmaceutical companies. He makes herbal tinctures, oils, lotions, soaps, perfumes, and many other things which I have not tapped into. I hope by hanging around him I’ll learn some of the magic of herbs and their healing abilities in order to pass the knowledge on. He reminds me off this “happy go lucky” type of guy who is never concerned with the money or survival, as he always has the inner knowledge that he will be always fine, rather he is concerned with healing and helping others no matter of the financial incentives. I have never met a person like him before and I am stunned by amazement how things just purely work for him.

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