Saturday, November 28, 2009

St. Lucia World Heritage Site

Weekend 10/31-11/01

St. Lucia World Heritage Site
So here was Friday, I think that is the day I look forward to very week! Because as soon as I send off my status report I am out of the office, well do not be fooled most of the time its late in the evening as we really work like dogs on this project! But after I click the “send” button I am off to my next adventures. Got to the hotel and the first thing was to pull out the map of South Africa…so what am I going to do this weekend?! Well picked a spot on the East coast that looked green pointed my finger to it and said “This is my weekend destination”. Little did I know when I picked the spot that I actually picked yet another world heritage site, called St. Lucia. I Met Jaco for a nice dinner in a posh restaurant had a bottle of good SA wine and started plant the weekend. The planning went like this. Ok I picked the place it’s called St.Lucia, its somewhere on the east coast and who cares what we get into or what we do, we leave at 6 sharp! No clue yet where we were staying or what we were going to do! I did get up at 4AM as the excitement of upcoming adventure did not allowed me to sleep anymore. Packed few clothes for the weekend and off we went. Took only 7 hours to drive, which gave me enough time to read through my “Lonely Planet” book. I found out that where we are going is actually called “Kwa Zulu Natal Land” it belongs to the Zulu Tribe and in St. Lucia was declared as World Heritage Site due to its extensive eco system. In total 5 different eco systems were congregated into this small area. On the way there I picked a lovely guest house to stay in and take some tours. I also found out that in the middle of the night the town is very popular by Hippos roaming around and checking out the local shopping! It’s a no joke. I asked the owner of the guest house if that is true and indeed it’s true. Watch out when you are going for a walk at night as you may run into a fat ass hippo rolling down the street. Try not to out run it as it can run 40-50 kilometers per hour, despite its huge massive body! We comfortable settled into our lovely room, opened to a garden and took off for a late lunch by the marina. The marina was on the banks of a river that used to be connected to the Indian Ocean. However in past years the rain fall was so low that the connection dried out. We sat on the comfy wooden benches outside observing the Hippos soaking the sun and the water, occasionally sticking their heads up from the water and flicking their ears or opening up their huge mouth in attempt to yawn or scare us away. Not too far from the Hippos were crocodiles doing exactly the same thing, and that was whole lot of NOTHING! Once we ate some weird chicken we walked over to the Indian Ocean! Ahhh what a site. The beach was long, so windy and so deserted! Almost no people in site and the massive waves of the Indian ocean just coming in and going out! There you have it for the first time in my life I saw the Indian Ocean displaying its power in all its majesty. Huge waves were coming in and breaking close to the shores puffing up steams of water and foam, crashing with amazing force on the beach! We were surrounded by complete vastness of the beach with huge sand dunes in the background! What a splendid site! After enjoying the site of the Indian Ocean and soaking in the moments of freedom and beauty we took off for our next adventure which was a 2 hour long trip up the river to see more Hippos, crocodiles and lovely bird species. The wind was cold, you know some times I do wonder if I am really in Africa as its always seems to be cold and raining over here. The trip took us up the river to see Hippos families sticking their heads up from the muddy waters of this canal and just playfully displaying their majesty of their big heads, funny flicking ears, and huge and massive bodies. We saw several families and I took some lovely pictures on the top of that… Once we got off the boat, I was frozen cold and shivering all over. Not sure if that was all caused by the cold winds or by the fact that I ate some crazy chicken that was not agreeing with my stomach! Let’s just say that chicken spoiled my evening fun as I was bit irritated and could not make the night drive though the park to go see yet another lovely animal the leopard! Ahhh and as I found out later I really missed out on this one as they saw a leopard on the tree eating its prey! Oh man! Stupid chicken spoiled the fun for me… oh well there is always a next time! In the evening me and Jaco played with the Tarot cards, did some wonderful readings and then he thought me how to observe aura colors. Which until then I though it’s quite challenging to do, however Jaco proved me wrong again. Let’s just say that by the time I went to bed I was able to observe the color vibrations of many living and non living objects! Just purely amazing experience! I absolutely love when spirituality and adventures go hand in hand and in both I can learn, grown and experience and more importantly have FUN!

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