Monday, November 2, 2009

Madikwe - Day 2

Weekend 10/24-10/25 Madikwe Game Reserve Day 2

I was deeply asleep just to jump up to both my feet nearly breaking my ankles in horror as right behind my window whatever vicious animals decided to perform a night serenade to me! My hair stood up in horror as a though flashed through my head of a huge, ferocious, big beast salivating though its massive and sharp teeth slowly creeping up on me to make me its meal for the night! NO! First of all it was NOT a dream and second all my senses of survival got activated and I was not going to give up without a fight! I was saved by the guide to come and knock on our curtain door to say “wake up” It was 4 AM! Later on I found out that the vicious animal was actually a really cute bunch of brown hyenas that visited the camp every night performing the most spectacular array of symphonies an African bush repertoire can offer. Well, what an experience!

We got up so early because we were catching some coffee and taking off for the early morning ride. The morning was still really cool and mystical. As soon as we drove out from the camp we saw my friends hyenas chasing some 4 legged creature. I guess they decided I am not worth their troubles…But we interrupted their chase and instead we chased them...THERE that is what you get for scaring the life out of me! They were very gorgeous animals to me; the hair on their backs was standing straight up, as they were galloping away into the morning. No, they do not run, they actually gallop, like a little horsy! They were gorgeous colors, white, brown, black and mix of whatever else. Never though hyenas are cute but these guys were adorable, ha ha ha…perhaps it was our connection from the night J Once again we saw bunch of giraffes and elephants on our way to the water hole. By the water hole noting much was going on but in this African Bush everything is alive though you do not see anything it’s still very much alive. We stood still for a moment just to see a humongous rhino lazily making its way to the water and sipping it in big sips. Jackal was hanging around bunch of lions hoping to get a bite of their kill, bunch of gazelles, wilder beasts, water bucks and other 4 legged creatures were also making their way in to drink. Lions were lying still just looking around and minding their own lazy morning. It was amazing to be part of this nature at these precious moments. The morning was just waking up the bush alive, the animals started to come in, the sun was starting to shine and the mist was slowly rising form the waters to create this mystical atmosphere around. I felt so blessed to be part of this magic. I guess Andrew noticed that some of us were dozing off (including me) so he stopped to perk us up with hot cup of coffee and very crunchy cookies. As we were soaking in the morning mist, sipping our coffees away, the sun was making their grand entrance blessing us and the country with warmth and light. Upon our return to the camp we took bush showers and sat down at late breakfast to not only eat delicious meals but happily giggle and chat about our morning experiences. After lovely breakfast we retired to our cabins to take naps and relax. Truly the atmosphere here was so relaxing, no wonder why Chris does not have any wrinkles on his face and I nearly asked him if he is hiring. Perhaps I could heat the water for the showers or perhaps I could chase away the night intruders! Yah, Miriam keep dreaming on this one. We returned to Joburg and our Sandton concrete jungle full of emotions, relaxed and filled with amazing experiences of past 2 days. As for me to get a big slap in the face and a wakeup call to go to work that evening. Truly felt like a perfect box glove just landed in my face telling me “Hello!!! Wake up you are in the real world now so get your ass to work” errrrrrrrrrrr. Even though it was Sunday evening I did not mind as the experiences of past 2 days were really worth the hassle I have to put up with at work!


  1. hyenas are not cute! :-)
    they can kill you!...and often get into fights with lions...

  2. sounds like yuo are having a wonderful time!!!

  3. 2 weeks since a post amiga...
    hope everything is ok

  4. Hey all, I am having a ball and Oisin YES they are CUTE!!! ALL animals are cute! :)

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