Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanks Giving Message

Thanks Giving Message

As most of you sit down at your Thanks Giving diner with your loved ones and say your prayers, I sit here in my lovely 2 apartment in Sandton South Africa, enjoying the peaceful night, sipping fine South African wine, listening to Latin music with wild crickets in the background by the flickering lights of candles I reflect back on all of wonderful or less fortunate occurrences of last year…

I say my personal prayer: Thank you Lord for giving us the fortunate, blessed, wonderful, healthy and happy life we have. Thank you for having the blessings of our wonderful families, the blessings of having such amazing friends and co-workers, for the jobs we still have, for the food we can share, the love we can give, for the love of others give us, for having more than the less fortunate and for having the ability to give to less fortunate, for the clean bed we sleep in, for a home to come to where the roof does not leek... Thank you Lord for all your love and blessings you give us each and every day!

Thanks to Jane and Michael for hosting the Christmas party to collect donations for the women’s and children’s shelters….Thanks to Shashi and Harsha and their 2 adorable children who give their pocket money to purchase and wrap Christmas gifts for the kids in shelters. Thanks to Mono and Neelu to put others in front and helping delivering the gifts on the Christmas Day, for hosting my B-Day party, and for being the delightful friends they are. Thanks for having the ability to go to Slovakia to see my mom and all my family for Christmas each year. Thanks to Alex who turned 2 years old last January and brining us the joy to experience the world though child’s eyes. Thanks for having Nate and Kara being born on the 1st of April. Thanks to Drago and Dave for their generous donations through the year and for having us over in their house for last years’ Thanks Giving Dinner with Dave’s mom. Thanks for Harry for coming to visit in Atlanta and helping with remodeling of my house and for volunteering with me in packing meals for disabled elderly on Thanks Giving Day. Thanks to all American People for voting for Obama to get our country on the right track and for having the ability to witness in person the historical moment of inauguration in DC. Thanks for meeting Perlie and his loving parents and friends. Thanks for having the opportunity to visit the Henry’s and the Blouch’s in Lebanon Pennsylvania who sponsored and opened the opportunity for me to come to USA. Thanks for all the travels I done last year, London, Prague, Slovakia, Nicaragua, Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Kiev and USA. Thanks for the blessing to have my bellowed spiritual sister Beruska and her family in my life. Thanks for having the opportunity to go to Tamarindo with Jane in search for the perfect wedding place. Thanks for the happy occasion of having to witness the blessing of Jane’s and Michaels wedding in June. Thanks for the ability to see Jane’s dad and mom and for meeting Michael’s parents. Thanks for my mom to come visit me and go back packing with to Costa Rica and Nicaragua. Thanks for the safe recovery of my mom and my brother after their unfortunate accident. Thanks for the blessing of my brother’s girlfriend being pregnant. Thanks to Harry, David W, Alberto, and few others for donations to purchase books for the school in Chimichuri, Costa Rica and having the means to deliver the donation and meet the kids in person. Thanks for the fabulous “chicks” trip with Neelu and my cousin Janka, for surfing and paring our asses off in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. Thanks for having the opportunity to socialize with Shubha, Lalit and Meera in DC. Thanks to Brandy and Shane, Yeng and JC, Wendy and Jorge, Amelia and Todd, Nathalie and her soon to be husband – for socializing with us in enlightening conversations and company. Thanks for Deborah Lonon to be the amazing woman/friend she is and for never declining a vodka/cran in my house. Thanks for Leon, Louis, Harry and David W for always being there for me. Thanks for my wonderful roommates Terry and Mike and taking care of my house while I am traveling. Thanks for Simba the fluff ball who brings love and joy to mine and other lives. Thanks for the blessing to meet Tiago. Thanks for having the opportunity to work in Joburg and to meet so many amazing people and have so many amazing experiences…thanks for this wonderful and amazing world we live in and the experiences we learn each and every day. Thanks to our Mother Earth for giving us the astonishing gifts every day…

I am quite sure I left out so many wonderful friends and quite important things, I most likely misspelled lots of names/places, so forgive me as it’s certainly not intentional but after such lovely bottle of wine who can remember it all right??? But so you know, you all are in my thoughts and prayers...

With THAT my loving family and friends I’ll let YOU ponder and reflect on YOUR last year events and experiences
Always love and light to you all M.

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