Thursday, October 22, 2009

The “European Gang”

  • Mamma Africa Restaurant
    Everything here is for sale even the “door knobs”
    Are they leaning from the Americans??? (he he he)
    But truly amazing design work (Michael take some notes!!!)
Started on the project I have met few folks with whom I immediately connected, first they are all from Europe, second we all work together and third we stay in the same hotel. So I met Henk – lovely guy with great sense of humor and way too much dedication to this project from Amsterdam, Keith –who is a super cool dude from London with immense knowledge of the worlds current issues and perfect debater for politics and religion…Jane you would have loved our conversations! Then later on Simon – also from London have not had the time to hang out with all 3 at the same time as Simon just got back from London.

As I mentioned every Friday night we have a “free beer” in the cantina at work. So the work stops at 4PM and everyone goes to cantina, I arrived bit late due to work and oh man!!! The lunch cantina has changed to a perfect disco bar, we had a great DJ which supposed to be the siatze in Joburg, people dancing all over, having beers, talking, and enjoying themselves, cool breeze coming from outside how cool is my job!!!??? Wish it was like this every day not only on Fridays!

So I found Hank and Keith hanging out and we left to go to this other place where everyone goes on Fridays…we had few beers and I did not let them to talk me into “Flaming Lamborghini’s” – which is an inauguration drink to the project, as if you were in Joburg and did not have one of these killer drinks you really have not been in Joburg….I was way too tired and hungry to try that killer drink…next time, as I really did not wish for them to see me crawling to the hotel form this bar… especially after first 3 days on the project. No worries with time I am sure we will have the opportunity to see “Miriam at her best” ;)

We did have few drinks though and pretty much closed the bar! Saturday all 3 of us went out to eat to a very very cool place called “Mama Africa”, as you see it was supposed to be “fancy” African restaurant…oh mine and it was…we managed to kill 2 bottles of Jordan wine, not the one from California but Cape Town region, we had great food and did we laughed, for the most part we discussed work, experiences in Africa, dreams and aspirations, etc…etc…with a great wine it’s not hard to discuss anything…well but that was not enough of course so we wanted to go dancing, but we forgot that Sandton happens ONLY during the week, so after trying 3 completely empty discos/bars we drew to other place and had beers there…

And as with any great wine/beer combination we totally managed to solve all worlds issues with especially heated conversations of the Palestine and Israel conflict…I think all 3 of us should be the next Obama’s worlds issues advisors but not before few beers in us…we had a great time…and the best thing was Sunday was a day off so we got to sleep in!!!

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