Thursday, October 22, 2009

How it all started...

What… my personal blog??? Me? The ANTI Internet and ANTI electronics gadgets free spirit and social butterfly enjoying life to fullest extend and outdoor enthusiast….having my own blog??? Well my friends yes, I figured it be the fastest way to keep everyone updated on my whereabouts…oh, I almost forgot to give you a brief background of where in the world I am going and actually how it happened or better yet WHY I have decided to have my own BLOG!
Though I am working in Information Technology Industry for one of the leading consulting companies, I often find myself anti computer and “fancy new things” challenged. I do not really care for new gadgets like the face book, the tweeter, the blogs or GPS and IPods… though I can tell you few days prior to finishing a project for one of my clients in I have received an email from one of our Senior Managers asking if I would be interested to work for a client in South Africa! What??? South Africa? Me? You did not tell me the name of the project or the work assignment? Who cares! Yes I’ll take it! Thanks and can I fly out tomorrow???

I guess truly at this point I really did not care exactly what I’ll be doing as long as I am living in Johannesburg and traveling…oh wait, they told me to “work” not “travel”. But I figured, it will be a great opportunity for me to come and live in Joburg, experience the culture, the folklore and the people while living here and hopefully if my company does not slave me to death, have a quick weekend getaway trips to the most amazing national parks and neighboring countries. For me that was like a winning a traveling lottery…I also told myself that this would be my last large project prior to my move to Costa Rica…well Joburg and South Africa here I come!!! And since I have lots of wonderful friends, family and just incredible folks in my life who love to share my adventures and traveling stories and I’ll need to keep in touch I decided to have my own blog! Ok fine that was actually my 2nd reason…

My 1st reason was the thought that danget, perhaps if I keep capturing my experiences on the paper, I’ll get to publish my own book with tons of cool pictures (Yes, I do take fine pictures!!!) and then I’ll send the copy to Oprah so it can become an international best seller and I can give all the money to the poor kids and mothers that are HIV positive in the African countries and help them out somehow…who cares about the money and the fame, to me I rather help…so Oprah if you ever read my book or my blog, know this is really not for me but for the kids. Yap perhaps a wild idea but JUST WAIT if this book will truly get published! J
And THAT my FRIENDS how my blog and adventure started. I welcome you to join my journey and share hopefully only the funny, fun and happy stories and adventures. If you find my language bit awkward or the spelling messed up at times, too long of sentences, or whatever else that my “tickle you fancy” or may be against the “proper” English language codes and grammars, oh well, just be aware and know that the “charming Slo-English” just come with “Miriam” since I was born in Slovakia and lived in US for past 17 years or so (seriously lost the count after the 15th). I feel very blessed for this opportunity thanks to Universe and the higher power for it every day.
With all my love and light to you all always Miriam :)


  1. Miriam, my dear: you are amazing! I am lucky I know you. I am already into your "book", I can feel it, read it, see it on Ophra...keep telling us your stories!
    Oh, and did I mention I miss you??? when are you coming back?

  2. Hey, where's our next post?? Waiting.. :)

  3. By the way, for some crazy reason I am Stan :/ (goofball)

  4. Surprising and inspiring, as usually !!! Miriam keep us posted . Love, Petra

  5. Thank you all!!! Please feel to distribute as I love when others can learn as well :) Miss you all so much... Oh STAN??? how in the world goofball became STAN???