Thursday, October 22, 2009

MAD Monday...


Since I have just returned from Costa Rica last night and my mind knew I had gazillion things to get accomplished today I kept waking up in my sleep, had nightmarish dreams of being robbed at gun point and somehow intuitively I ended up sleeping upside down. I found myself sleeping head where the feet are, and feet where the head usually is… who knows what in the world I was thinking or better yet NOT thinking but perhaps the visions of the upcoming adventures or the depressing thoughts that I am back from Tamarindo (Costa Rica where I just spend the BEST birthday of my life) or maybe it was just the pure fact I wanted to be close to Simba (my kitty-BIG ORANGE kitty) so he could purrr me back to normal sleep…who knows and who cares right?
Well what I am trying to say that my day started quite frantic and disorganized… I did get up super early from my hellish night so I could start packing. I often found myself kind of aim lesselly wondering and scrambling around my house looking for things to take with me as I had no clue what I may need other then business clothes for work and my computer to feel civilized. I did my laundry and threw some clothes into a large suitcase and miraculously ended up just with ONE large suitcase and my computer bag full of traveling books oh yahhh and the computer. Mono took us to the airport and surprisingly the checking went super smooth, hmmm I am thinking to myself this looks way too easy! The only bad thing was that I did not arrange for my seats in advance so my bellowed airline-Delta put me in the last row of a monsterous plane smack in the middle seat, smack the middle ROW on the top of that. As soon as I got my seat I started to have running though through my mind with grotesque pictures of me (little one) sitting in between two huge smelly people. Noooooooooo, I was quite determined that this is NOT going to become the reality and my first experience!!! Soooo, I used my charming smile with hot pink lipstick, winged my eye leashes few times and talked to the (male) agent at the gate, and yes with luck (not sure if the eyelashes winking worked) I got a nice exit and aisle seat with extra leg roomJ. The flight was long (14.5 hours) and seriously nothing much happened, other then I managed to pass out as soon as I had my wine in the middle of my dinner, the turbulence was almost unbearable and I am glad I did not eat much since I could not find a throw up sack, it was freezing cold and I clammed my teeth so hard that they hurt for next week to come, I managed to spill my hot and steamy cup of coffee to which I was EXTREMELY looking forward too after freezing Alaskan night onto my computer which I quickly turned around and to shook most of it out….most of my friends will agree, that this was really an uneventful flight for me…other than that all cool and dandy!

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