Thursday, October 22, 2009

First day at work...


Since my jetlag got me up at 2AM, I felt back asleep just to wake up to annoying alarm clock and really cold room. Hmmm thinking to myself, I am in Africa is it NOT supposed to be hot here??? See, we westerners come with all these misconceptions…and predefined views of other countries, just to find out that the opposite may be the truth. YES it was cold in here as the spring was just entering into summer…well good for me I love the summers and since one just finished in US I do not mind starting another one all over again. I managed to throw some business attire on as I was meeting my manager for breakfast, could not exactly recall her face but somehow I trusted I would recognize her… first meeting bit backward, but when ice melted we managed to have a lovely breakfast and headed out for the office. Let’s just say the BEST thing I found about the office is the fact that we CAN open the windows, and the balcony doors, just to let the fresh crisp air and sun light come in…what AC who needs it! The WORST part about the office is that there is not a spot for parking, unless I learned to bribe the guards to let me park right in front of it. Depending on the guard, his mood and my smile anywhere from 5-20R is a good bargaining option. I meet my 2 lovely co-workers who are consultants and will be assisting me with the duties… one lovely Olivia sweet heart as can be, and the other on NQ-short for Nqobile, I know now how to pronounce it as it only took me ½ a day to click and smack my tongue against my mouth to elute a sound as when she said her name. She is also from the Zulu tribe and my first day she though me how to say “frog” in Zulu language which produced a splashes of laughs across our little office, well good ice breaker I guess…anyways rather than writing about boring corporate projects and “work”, I have made the executive decision to leave the “work” part out of my blog, so I do not bore you all to death, but rather instead I will write about the nifty new experiences I am going through on daily bases…

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