Thursday, October 22, 2009

Lion Reserve

Note there are a 2!!! Lionesses one behind the other :)

Don't they look so amazingly peaceful...just to reach out and pet them ;)

AND SO I DID!!! :)

Glad this one was not around when I did!!!

(10/10-10/11 weekend)

I did not plan out much for the weekend of October 10 and 11th though it turned out to be an amazing weekend for many reasons. Went out for dinner to a nice posh French restaurant catered by pompous French chef-owner, very nice though interesting mix of French/African accent with one of my Portuguese friend Tiago, after that we hang out at the hotel’s bar solving world and spirituality issues.
The next day we decided to go to “Lion Sanctuary”. Well what an experience, the directions we got from the gas pump boy were amazingly accurate which is quite not normal, but somehow we made it there. I was bit disappointed with this park, the animals were in very small enclosures and they looked really sad and depressed. I am sure I cannot imagine their feelings to be so close to the wild nature yet unable to enjoy or get out!
After driving though the park and seeing some animals here and there we entered the “lion world”. Here you are supposed to have the windows of the cars closed but not ME! I kept them opened so I could be that much closer to these magnificent, gorgeous and proud kings of the jungles! We saw brown and white lionesses caressing, loving and always grooming each other, adorable lion cubs playing and pulling each other ears and paws, proud lions sitting bit further away from all the other lionesses carefully watching over them. It was amazing to sit 4 feet from a lovely white lioness whose eyes were so purely bluish gray, the look, the posture the energy around here were magnificent and I could only feel the respect and adoration! Though the experience of being so close to them was by far surpassing anything I have ever done, I still felt bit sad for them to not have the freedom they truly deserve! On the way out from the park we ran into 2 very tall giraffes hanging out by the exit of the park. Oh mine yes they are amazingly tall! The best part of this park was the fact we were able to walk into the enclosure where they kept white and brown lion cubs. Well they were ONLY 3 months old and they were so cute and adorable as they were chubby and so clumsy, picking on each other and playing. We could pet them but man I did have a respect after one decided to grab my arm and not let go! It left teeth mark and a scratch on me, but still I have never been so close up and personal with a lion. Only 3 months old they already showed their pride and strength. They were the size of a medium size dog but they were strong and vicious! Though still adorable kitty cats! On the way to the hotel we stopped at a local Portuguese restaurant to grab some food and enjoy the evening settling down over Joburg. What a lovely experience to see the dusk coming down by each minute and flickering city light glowing in the distance in the evening breeze…hmmm loving it…

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