Thursday, October 22, 2009

Pilanesber National Park

Pilanesberg National park... what a beauty...


The next day we drove up north to a place called Pilanesberg national park, which sits in a back yard of “ Sun City”. There was a visionary that decided to create a “Las Vegas” like in the middle of the desert, and you had to pay an entrance fee to get in to see the posh hotels and experience South African gambling. The Pilanesberg Park was not huge but it was very cool, as it is still in the desert, but had lots of green rolling hills and streams of water and manmade lake. We decided to do the drive on our own as it allowed us to have the freedom and luxury to stop at any time to admire the amazing animals just rolling down the hills and coming our way. We saw many elephants and little baby elephants, lots of rhinos and baby rhinos, jackal, wild pigs/bores, eagle, some kind of funny looking “rock cat” it looked just like a rock as the name suggest but as a small cat as well, cute little thing. We saw lots of zebras, gazelles, and other four legged creatures that I have no clue what they are called. Birds of all kinds of shapes and colors and I particularly liked one that look like a small colorful chicken but put the red lipstick on before going to the bush. The only thing we did not see where the cheetahs, leopard and the lions…oh shame! Overall we spend several hours in the park stopped at some viewing points and stopped for a refreshing coffee. What an amazing day. Then we took off driving back for the hotel…ahh why does all great things have to come to an end? I hope it’s not because we have to go to work next day! As that thought was quite depressing! But the reality was the truth… yes work on Monday Miriam!


  1. Oh wow...did YOU take these pictures? great work and what a sight!!!

  2. Thank you! Yes I take all my pictures and I love taking picutres, my camera may not be the best but my eye is! :) Thank you! ;)

  3. wow hermosas fotos, sigue publicando miriam!! deberias de viajar en moto por el mundo!!! espero conocerte algun dia :)