Thursday, October 22, 2009

The "Portuguese Gang”

My Portugese Friends:
  • Tiago, Miriam, Joana, Afonso
  • Miriam, Joana
  • Tiago
  • Afonso
Hmm thinking back how did I meet the Portuguese Gang? I think I went out for a smoke on one of the many balconies at work and started conversation with a girl, noticed her accent and asked about where she is from… Well you all are right, she is from Portugal and working on the same project and her name is Joana, very lovely girl. So we clicked as we both new to the project, we both foreigners in the foreign country, already disliking some of the things we see, staying in the same hotel which I always needed a ride back home from work.

That night I went out to eat with my European friends, and when we came back I went to the lobby of my hotel to have a last beer and I saw the Portuguese folks hanging out so I stayed and started to chat with them… Well forgive my ignorance they really did not like the fact that I was confused on their heritage and placed them together with the Spanish gang… I had to remember not to do that again if I wanted to get rides to/from work! Though later on as you all know me…I did keep picking at them that they originated from Spain…J Through our many conversations we discussed the origins of Portugal, their culture, Lisbon, and of course the Fado music and great wines!!!

Actually you all know what is the BEST thing about my job? The fact that I get to meet SOOOOO many incredible people from all over the world and we can exchange information, talk, pick on each other, learn about our diverse backgrounds and cultures, we pick up each other habits and slang talks…really that is the BEST part of my job as I will never be bored with learning form others…the other best part is of course the traveling part, then the next is the fact we can open windows in the offices to get the fresh air, also we do not user Styrofoam cups for our coffee, but we use the “office mugs”, which our coffee lady picks up form our desks and washes it every day so we do not pollute our mother earth!

Bumping rides from them was a great win win for me as I got to go out for dinners with Joana, Tiago and Alfonzo after our mad days at work! For the most times we went to Nelson Mandela square for dinners and dancing on Thursday night in “Fashion TV” club. We became really good friends and we certainly all agreed that Portugal is the next on my “to go to” as now I have lovely friends to visit and stay with...

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